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Journaling Your Way Back to Yourself

Journaling is a form of meditation, even prayer, taking place on paper. Your heart and mind are in conversation. Break down your walls with words. 

While we don’t like to think about it, life moves by pretty fast. And humans are sometimes forgetful and clumsy with our thoughts. As we experience the rawness of living, finding deeper meaning and clarity is one of our many higher purposes. Keeping a journal is an element of this purpose, helping us to better navigate the act of living while making sense of it all. 

Getting to know yourself better is work, but when done right feels like breathing. Here are a few reasons why you should start keeping a journal. 

Writing is talking to yourself.

Writing supports internal movement. Feeling stuck? Scribble out a few sentences about what you’re feeling, what you love, and where you want to go. Explore your mind and examine your desires. Dissect your fears and assess your goals. Don’t worry whether or not the writing is good. It’s a gift from you to yourself, so by default it’s already perfect. The cool thing about keeping a journal is that it’s your journal. You’re free to say absolutely anything you want. The page is a safe, insular space made just for you.

Woman writing in her journal

Keeping a journal clears your mind.

Words give feelings and desires a name. What once felt blurry and confusing, maybe even a little overwhelming, suddenly feels objective and clear. Journaling is a form of meditation, even prayer, taking place on paper. Your heart and mind are in conversation. Let your deepest thoughts and emotions move freely. The locked doors inside your mind are opening. 

Journaling is sacred.

A journal treats your mind like a muscle. It asks you to build something new, strong, and essential by stretching your thoughts. It asks you to get to know yourself better.

When journaling is a daily task, deep reflection becomes almost second nature. Your critical thinking skills improve and you’re better able to understand new concepts and perspectives. What’s more, sitting down with your thoughts every night and scribbling out a few good sentences allows negativity to exit your body and peace and clarity to enter. Your brain is in motion. 

Imperfect reflection does not exist. Keeping a journal is sacred practice by design. It helps lead you to a more defined, brighter place. It helps you find your way back to yourself. 

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