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Is Social Media Blurring Your Vision?

Perfect little squares shouldn’t be creating the rulebook. Social media is not necessarily honest, good, or useful. You know better than to compare yourself to something that isn’t real.

Assumption is poison. 

You see into the lives of friends, acquaintances, and strangers every single day. It’s easy to assume these lives are perfect, somehow operating on a “better” plane of existence than your own. Life always looks so good from afar. But this is a quick, somewhat lazy, and self-dismissive way of thinking. 

Social media is a collection of pictures and words. You are everything. There is no comparison.

It’s time to stop romanticizing the lives you see on a screen and start falling in love with your real, pure, fractured and perfect now.

Social media is a carefully designed window.

You can experience Los Angeles sunsets, Tokyo nightlife, and Spanish beaches all in the same day. You have eyes everywhere. With social media, you’re able to observe the lives of people you don’t know in places you’ve never been. While your phone’s screen makes a good window, it’s not always a truthful one. What you’re seeing, for the most part, is a meticulously planned and curated piece of artwork. 

Social media is an incredible way to share and connect. But it’s also, in ways, dishonest. Human flaws are neatly edited out. Real life isn’t transparently shared. You only see what those posting want you to see, which creates semi-false definitions of what it means to be happy, successful, and doing well in life.

Person commenting on Instagram post

Your worth cannot be defined nor measured.

When comparing ourselves to the world, we are often quick to dismiss our own blessings and inflate the goodness we assume others must be busy experiencing. 

There are many ways to live and many ways to succeed. These things cannot be accurately defined in a few edited squares. Being happy means being true to yourself, always, and that doesn’t involve anyone else but you.

When you catch yourself building up other people in your mind, hold on to that way of thinking and instead apply it when considering yourself. Amplify and dramatize your own magic. You are everything and more. You are the Los Angeles sunsets, the Tokyo nights, the Spanish beaches. Miracles follow you and joy chases you. These things will never be untrue. 

Social media is a carefully designed world of trends, expressions, and cultures. It’s not necessarily honest, good, or useful. You know better than to compare yourself to something that isn’t real.

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