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Why Prioritizing Sleep is a Healing Step

The benefits of sleep are endless. Let your nights be a time of deep rest and healing. Your body needs to recalibrate. 

We live in a society that’s bad at sleeping. Mornings are early and nights are late. While we’re busy making room for lots of living, we often forget what’s equally if not more so important— retreating for deep and frequent rest.

Sleep influences every aspect of our lives. When quality of sleep improves, quality of life improves. 

It’s no wonder we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep. The benefits of sleep are immeasurable. Here’s why you should start prioritizing your sleep. 

Sleep is work. 

Whether we realize it or not, sleep is the body getting work done. Countless reparative transactions take place during sleep. Here are just a few benefits of sleep. 

  • Energy and health is restored.
  • The brain flushes out harmful toxins. 
  • Metabolism and hormones regulate. 
  • Muscles and organs repair and recover. 
  • Information is stored to create memories.

Sleep is sacred.

Much like our physical bodies, our souls require rest. When we treat sleep as spiritual nourishment, the act of sleeping becomes an event of total rejuvenation. 

What do you need to feel good? What helps you truly relax? Give it to yourself before sleep, whether that means lighting a candle, meditating, or sifting through gratitude with prayer. Keeping a nightly journal can help you release the thoughts and emotions from your day and find peace. Repeating positive mantras before sleep can help you practice the mindset you wish to have. I am healthy. I am energized. I am ready. I am capable. I am grateful. I am good.

Candle and plant on nightstand

Sleep is intentional.

Give your sleep the respect it deserves. When approached with care and intention, sleep becomes a dedicated ritual that provides the energy and peace we require. For the highest quality of sleep, try the following. 

  • Avoid blue light and technology after 8pm.
  • Don’t consume alcohol and sugary foods before bed.  
  • Start winding down a full hour before your desired bedtime so your body can slowly decompress.

While sleep isn’t prioritized nearly enough by society, there’s nothing stopping you from chasing quality rest on both an individualistic and spiritual level. Approaching your sleep with deeper intention and effort will help you fully feel the benefits of sleep and, by doing so, improve every aspect of your life.

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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