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6 Pieces of Wisdom for Your Life

If your heart is searching for it, you already have it. 

You are a sharp, well-placed power. For every question and desire you have, there’s a pure and useful answer. Take this wisdom and sprinkle it all over your life.

1. Learning how to forgive is harder than I expected.

What do you imagine pure forgiveness feels like? It’s more or less true liberation. Forgiveness is a slow journey. Expanding your ability to love takes time. Educate yourself on well-known instances of great forgiveness like that of Nelson Mandela, and allow the stories to guide you. The most valuable gifts take time and patience to understand and forgiveness is no different. Once you really have it, forgiveness will multiply the healing and wisdom in your life ten times over.

2. I don’t know how to fix my broken heart. 

Heartbreak, despite its intolerable edges, is a lesson plan. Ask yourself what the relationship brought to your life. If anything, make an outline of what you now know you don’t want. Create a list of things you want to give yourself from this day onward. Make your heartbreak useful. Squeeze every last drop of practicality out of it. Then drench yourself in the solution of self-love. 

3. I’m hitting an inspirational slump.

Feeling creatively stuck is a cruel and small way to live. Digging your way out is rarely a clean, linear path. But there’s joy to be found in messy slowness. Start small and steady. Give yourself one good rush of inspiration a day. This should be something that fills you with nothing but peace, love, and joy, consistently. Removing the pressure helps keep the process simple. Go forward with only the intention of enjoying yourself. Once you find the thing that makes you feel, chase it shamelessly. Being shameless and chasing joy are both components of wisdom.

4. I don’t know how to get closer to others.

You can’t force human connection, but you can create the opportunity for it. Open your doors for love and see who steps through. Fear doesn’t make your decisions for you. Your love is a mailbox— open to giving and receiving when the right materials come along. Wise love isn’t afraid. Wise love doesn’t waste any time getting started.

5. I want to rediscover my meaning and purpose.

Making small, well-kept promises to yourself allows you to create a proactive inner dialogue. Refine your intentions daily. Be thorough. Define your what, why, and how. Purpose doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. Revisit these small promises every morning. Devout repetition only strengthens their power. The promises you make to yourself are sacred. Reflect, meditate, and reroute accordingly.

6. I can’t handle rejection.

Feeling unwanted is an essential experience of life. The people who don’t want you, however, can be tossed aside. Surround yourself instead with trusted sources of love and support. These are the people you always feel comfortable with, no matter what, who are always on your side, no matter what. This is the kind of love that heals every rejection, every scratch, every bad and wavering thought. Find this love and never let it go.

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