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How to Make Lifelong Friends

Making (and keeping) good friends takes special care. 

Countless connections are made in a lifetime. Brief conversations in a coffee shop, quick smiles on the street, chance encounters on the train. A handful of these passing exchanges will turn into something more. A few will become lifelong friendships. 

The journey from stranger to friend is a miraculous and rare thing, and treating the relationships in our lives with the attention and care they deserve is how we make them not only grow, but last. 

Creating solid friendships isn’t easy, but that’s what makes them so special. A friendship that stands the test of time is one of the sweetest gifts you can receive in this life. That’s why taking care of these bright, irreplaceable relationships is so important. 

Here’s how to not only make lifelong friends, but keep them for the long run.

Go out of your way to make time for your friends. 

We’re all so busy, and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon. That being said, make your precious time worthwhile. What will you remember twenty years from now? All the work you got done? Maybe a little, if it’s really great work, but probably not. What you will remember most fondly is the fun you shared with your friends. No matter what, make the effort to fit your friends into your schedule. Postpone the meeting. Make that phone call. Say yes to the weekend trip. You’ll be glad you did. Keeping lifelong friends is always worth it. 

A group of friends eating together outside.

Value what’s currently in front of you. 

Sometimes we abandon certain friendships because we miscalculate the worth and joy they’re capable of bringing into our lives. We’re living in a world full of instant gratification, and it’s easy to deem something “not working” if it doesn’t immediately seem wonderful. Losing touch is simple, and lasting friendships require consistent effort. If a current friendship doesn’t seem to be worthwhile, give it some time. Learn to see the possibilities for every friendship and feel gratitude for the connection you’ve so far built. 

The little things are the big things. 

Sometimes we think that big, extravagant expressions of love are the most sincere. This is not the case. It’s the little acts of love that create the biggest waves. Small, consistent efforts create lasting joy and sustain friendships across decades. Everything adds up— the weekly phone calls, the thoughtful text messages, the quick dinners for some much needed conversation. These little expressions of love create the tapestry of our lives. They’re invaluable. They’re what friendship is. 

Making lifelong friends might feel more like an art form, but it’s one of the most gratifying experiences this life has to offer. When you combine the right elements for friendship with dedicated care and time, you create the possibility for something beautiful to grow. 

Two friends video chatting.

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