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How to Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely

Your loneliness wants to teach you self-love.

Let’s be honest. Feeling lonely is easy. It’s an emotion that shows up for everyone in some capacity sooner rather than later. It comes in waves, sometimes strongly and other times softly, mostly unannounced. Feeling lonely every so often is normal. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about it. 

Loneliness acts as a little alarm, a warning signal, letting us know when a change needs to happen in our lives. There’s an imbalance at hand that needs addressing.

Loneliness is a teacher. And its main lesson is self-love.

When we get to the center of our loneliness and inspect what it’s made of, we don’t find that we’re lacking friends. We don’t find that we’re not making enough time for the things we enjoy and the people we love. We find something else entirely, and it begins and ends with the way we feel about ourselves. Loneliness is a byproduct of the inability to enjoy one’s own company.

Woman sitting alone by the ocean.

Self-love is the opposite of loneliness. 

The less we love ourselves, the more lonely we feel. This problem also shows up in miscalculated solutions. Typically, when someone begins to feel lonely, they decide to fill their life with more. More people, more activities, more noise. But this strategy only amplifies the problem. Loneliness multiplies with chaos. 

You can be alone without ever feeling lonely.

Curing loneliness is a matter of self-acceptance. Feeling whole in your own company is an attribute of pure self-love. When your presence alone is enough for you, you’ll begin to feel true peace. And when pure self-love exists, feeling lonely is not possible.

Choose to love yourself more.

Make the conscious change. Simply recognizing that you want to love yourself more will automatically put you in a better place to begin giving and receiving self-love. Taking good care of yourself begins with the desire to feel good. Choose to approach yourself with gentle kindness, without judgement, and only pure understanding. Make a list of things you love about yourself. Decide to give yourself what you need to feel good, every day. Understand there’s not another soul on this planet quite like you. You’re special and rare. 

When you begin viewing yourself from a place of kindness, you realize that you’ve always been enough as you are. The concept of loneliness doesn’t exist when being alone with yourself is wonderful company.

Woman going for walk alone in the woods.

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