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7 Affirmations for Trusting Yourself

If you don’t trust yourself, what do you have? Knowing the voice inside you, and believing that voice, is everything. This is what happens when self-love covers every inch of your life. You’ve always had you. Honor your life by trusting yourself.


1. When feeling lost.

“The universe is having conversations about me daily. Everything that’s happening right now? It’s not random. It’s not accidental. This is my life, and it’s divinely guided. I am a compass— the place where guidance is transformed into concrete direction. I may not always know what to do, but I know that I am always evolving, always moving forward. I’m in a special spot; hopeful for the future, grateful for life, and open to receiving.”

2. When feeling alone. 

“Even if everything I’m feeling says the opposite, I am never alone. Not even for a second. Sometimes to see, I need to close my eyes. Feel that? It’s the energy of the universe at work. It surrounds me, carries me, and reminds me of my purpose and worth. Even when I feel lonely, which is a normal part of living a human life, I am never actually alone. I have the power of love on my side.”

3. When facing a challenge or difficult time.

“Will bad things happen? Yes. This is out of my control. This is the nature of life. There’s a greater plan at work, designed with a purpose that I perhaps cannot yet understand. But even in ragged moments of heartbreak and loss, I know that everything will be okay in the end. In this moment, I remind myself to slow down, to breathe, to feel the floor beneath the soles of my feet. I am steady. I trust in my ability to persevere despite every setback and wrong turn. My soul knows how to handle hard things. It was created to do so.”

4. When the world says one thing, but your heart says something else. 

“That strange feeling I get when something just isn’t right? That empty, uncomfortable space between what someone else says and how I really feel? Those are my gut instincts, and they’re holy. They want the best for me. The messages they share are important. I must learn to appreciate them when they come forward, in whatever way they choose to do so— striking realizations, slowly passing feelings, clouds of doubt I feel in the pit of my stomach. This is impulsivity as a blessing; knee-jerk reactions as miracles. Pushing them aside doesn’t serve me. I trust what my inner voice tells me. It’s been corresponding with the universe, and it knows things I might not yet realize.”

5. When a situation requires your best. 

“My best is my truest form. The greatest version of myself is the real me. This doesn’t have to do with money, status, or material things. This has to do with character, kindness, acceptance— the innate understanding that the truest parts of me create pure, massive impact through divine, intentional love. Feel that love, that self-belief? That’s my soul coming forward. This is my superpower; the energy that perpetuates every good thing. I embrace growth. I spread healing. I create solutions.”

6. When dealing with anxiety. 

“This is not my forever. This is a temporary, dishonest panic disguised as purpose. And I can get through it. Anxiety tells me I’m never going to be good enough. This is a lie. It can’t touch the real me. I’m the truth in a body. With a heart that recognizes my true worth, I choose to step away from the anxious belief that I am no good or unworthy of love. I’m ready to embrace my true, lovable, worthy self. The real me is calm, steady, and more than capable.”

7. When feeling stuck. 

“My life is always in motion, even when I feel confused and lost. I am always headed in the direction of something bigger, better, and more beautiful. Every moment prepares me. When I’m in the thick of it, I know I can’t see clearly. I often cannot decipher my situation honestly. This doesn’t hold me back in major ways, because I realize I need to love myself intelligently. This means being able to look at my life with a clear, calm, and intentional heart. Solutions are never found by mistake. Guidance is a constant resource that surrounds me. All I have to do is close my eyes, breathe in deeply, and listen. The universe talks back. When love appears, I always say yes. I am the farthest thing from stuck.”

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