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4 Ways to Feel Less Stressed at Work

What do you need throughout the day to feel good?

The little things we do every day come together to make up our lives, so we need to be wise and careful with how we spend our everyday moments. And let’s be honest— a vast majority of those moments are spent working. How can we make that precious time enjoyable, invigorating, and less stressful?

Feeling less stressed at work is not only possible, but attainable. We may not be able to control what negativity comes our way, but we can control how we choose to react. Learn how to pinpoint stressors, communicate your needs openly, understand your worth, and feel less stressed at work. 

Here’s how you can craft a work life that isn’t draining and stressful, but instead peaceful and productive.

1. Pinpoint stressors and actively avoid them.

Gathering the self-awareness needed to determine exactly what’s draining you is the first step. Is there a specific project that’s especially tiring? Does the way your co-workers communicate with you cause you stress? There are no wrong answers here. 

Locate what’s stressing you and approach it with possible solutions. Small stressors may add up, but small solutions meet them with equivalent relief. What seems minor and slight slowly comes together to create an all-encompassing impact.

2. Communicate your needs openly.

Everyone’s unique, and therefore requires different working conditions to thrive. It’s okay to map out your boundaries and ask others to respect them. 

Determine your needs and share them openly with your co-workers. Being direct and transparent will only benefit you. Remember, nobody can read your mind. What you’re thinking won’t be known unless you let your voice be heard.

Two colleagues chat next to a window.

3. Understand your worth.

Your worth is not equivalent to the speed at which you accomplish tasks. Your worth is not equivalent to your productivity. 

The value you bring to your job cannot be calculated by numbers, minutes, or dollar signs. Know your worth and don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

4. Give yourself what you need to feel good.

Getting work done while stressed, sleep deprived, and grumpy doesn’t make you a better worker. It does, however, make your life unnecessarily difficult. 

Don’t hesitate to step away from your work for a few moments to gather your thoughts and breathe. The human mind is capable of so many amazing things, but only if you give it sustenance. Never underestimate the power of adequate sleep, water, and nutrition.

What do you need throughout the day to feel good? Give it to yourself. Be generous and loving with your mind and body. You will feel less stressed at work as a result, it will follow naturally.

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