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4 Truths of Letting Go

There are two kinds of endings: the ones we choose and the ones we do not. Ending is inevitable, but letting go is optional. The more you let go, the more beginnings you get. We have to agree to the flow of life all the same.


1. The temporary nature of this life only makes you love harder.

When you realize that nothing is forever, a sense of urgency takes over. But that panic is love covered in fear. Settle down and learn to enjoy the present moment. Yes, you love some things so deeply that the thought of life without them is painful, but loss is partly why everything is so special. 

The temporary nature of life makes it striking, valuable, and precious. Will there be moments harder to let go of than others? Of course. Love them with everything you have, and let them go when their time comes.

2. Life is a sunset. Quick, beautiful, and self-honoring.

A sunset knows its importance. It understands how beautiful it is. It also knows that the only way the sky can shine with stars is if it disappears. Life is the same, when viewed from a lens of clarity and intelligence. You cannot move forward while operating from a place of hesitation.

Choose to accept change. Let go and start anew. The future needs you to be quick, beautiful, and self-honoring. Accept the future like a sunset, and shine like the night sky.

3. Being comfortable with letting go is also being okay with not knowing.

Letting go is a form of relief. When it happens, you can feel this relief both emotionally and physically. 

Choosing to go with the flow of life— ebbing and flowing in acceptance with the tides— allows your inner compass to feel less resistance. Your shoulders drop, your soul comes forward, and you understand that not knowing is okay. In fact, it’s the natural way of things. You don’t feel like you need to know all the answers, because you know you are safe. 

Find comfort in the phrase, “It was never yours to begin with.” Blessings enter and exit our lives like structured, gracious clockwork. It is not our place to decide when and how our life’s blessings leave us. There is a greater plan at hand, a divine and sophisticated design. All we can do is love while we can, and practice gratefully letting go when the time comes.

4. Your ability to let go is directly related to your ability to find joy.

You don’t know what’s going to happen. This is both beautiful and terrifying. Lean into the joy of not knowing and shed your shaky anxieties. Every day is full of miraculous and wonderful surprises, if only you open your eyes a little bit wider. Letting go may seem painful, even impossible. But you don’t know what letting go will lead to— what your acceptance of life and loss could create next— and maybe that’s the sweetest gift of all. 

What’s on the other side is likely more striking, pure, and breathtaking than anything you could ever imagine. I promise. The more you let go, the more beginnings you get. Have faith.

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