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10 Affirmations for Your Career

Your thoughts hold immeasurable power. Guiding your life and career with intentional affirmation allows you to swiftly blast away self-doubt, missteps, and nagging threads of negativity. Recite these powerful words whenever you’re feeling down about your job or yourself to equip your life with the power of positive affirmations.

1. When feeling worried about the opinions of others. 

“I have no control over what others think of me. And I have no business worrying about things I can’t control. All I can do is try my best and stay true to myself. They’ll either see me for me, or be incorrect.”

2. When manifesting more money.

“I work hard. I care. And I love myself. Because of these things, the possibilities of my life are limitless. There’s no end to the good that can enter my life. And I welcome it. Abundance begets abundance. What I am given, I give back to the world. My success creates only more good in the world.” 

3. When searching for a new job. 

“I am open to receiving abundant opportunities. Listening to the signs the universe gives me comes naturally and easily. The door is open. What’s meant for me will not pass me. I know I am carefully and divinely led.” 

4. When feeling a sense of failure.

“There are many definitions of success. And there are many paths to purpose. Success is neither money nor status. Success is growth. Success is love. Success is where I am right now, doing what I can with what I have. My purpose is to give, love, and enjoy. To do those things fully would be the greatest success of all.”

5. When taking on a daunting task. 

“Everything up to this point has left me prepared, calm, and certain. I believe in myself. I am insightful, guided, and impactful. What I do matters. Trusting in myself and my abilities comes easily. Guidance leads me, goodness finds me, and blessings know me. I create waves.”

6. When feeling defined by your work. 

“The logistics of my career, while they may seem personal, are entirely separate from my self-worth. My job is a job. It’s not who I am. I can lose my job. I can never lose myself.”

7. When dealing with a negative work environment. 

“This is not my forever. This is a temporary situation with temporary feelings. While there may be chaos surrounding me now, I remain calm and steady. I’m observing, not absorbing. Better things are in store for me. My line of vision is hopeful.”

8. When feeling insecure about your abilities. 

“I am a sharp, well-placed power. My gifts are vast and only get stronger with time— I have yet to discover even a fraction of my talents. I believe in myself a little bit more each day. Growth is a process that I trust and respect.”

9. When a project doesn’t go as planned. 

“I don’t have a crystal ball. Life happens. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll give my best all over again. The hiccups and detours are blessings and only make me stronger. Failing is not failing. All my failings are clusters of small half-successes that add up over time to create blissful discovery.”

10. When feeling unsure about your path. 

“The universe gives me what I need, when I need it, in the exact way I need to receive it. The experiences I am having at the current moment are the experiences I need in order to maximize my growth. Good things are planned for me. All is well.”

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