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How to Manage Your WFH Life

More people are working from home than ever before. What happens when the lines between career and rest blur together? Sifting through your obligations and your inner life can feel confusing and draining, but finding balance is key. Here’s how to create your own perfect work from home life. 

1. Stick to a routine. Life blooms when given the proper structure and dedication. 

Consistency is your magic. Everything you’re capable of only multiplies with structured discipline. Finding your own perfect routine and religiously sticking to it helps to make working from home easier and more streamlined. Pay attention to the details of what works for you and what doesn’t. Access your inner accountability and don’t be afraid to be rigid. There’s love to be found in inflexibility, too. 

Woman planning out her week

2. Create your own perfect workplace. Your home is the space where you can delegate a more fine-tuned kind of control.

Don’t underestimate the influence and importance of your environment. As the saying goes, “You are the sum of what you choose to surround yourself with.” Give yourself what you need to feel happy, calm, and productive. What makes you feel motivated? What makes you feel good? Self-love comes in many forms— a clean desk, a lavender diffuser, a shelf of green plants. Find what brings you joy and carve out a happy, nourishing space of your own. 

Work desk with books and a plant

3. Know when to close your laptop. The solution is found in mapping out clear boundaries and respecting them.

Working from home blurs the lines between career and rest. If anything, it’s almost easier to work longer hours from home than an office. There’s no defined “end” to the WFH workday and it’s hard to know when work stops and play begins— creating the perfect recipe for burnout. The solution is found in mapping out clear boundaries and respecting them. Set an exact time to power down each night. Know when you’ve done enough and allow yourself to step away. The work will be there tomorrow.  

4. Prioritize all forms of self-care. Don’t forget what you need to feel good. Self-love requires decisive effort. 

While it’s a great opportunity, working from home can be lonely. And monotonous. And its own kind of exhausting. It’s a situation that demands balance, because a source of stress is being injected directly into your home base. Mixing the professional with the personal calls for stabilizing your life with all the self-love you can muster. Go the extra distance for yourself. Take long walks in the evening, cook your favorite foods, keep a journal, read books, say yes when you want to say yes and say no when you want to say no. Self-love requires decisive effort. Your happiness, your growth, and your inner life always come first.

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