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Know the Joy of Living in 5 Easy Steps

Your best life is only a few intentional decisions away. 


1. Choose to trust yourself. 

A lot of inner turmoil results from our inability to believe in ourselves. You’ve made it this far though, haven’t you? Your instincts, your mind, your voice, your capability— it’s all so much greater than you’ve ever fully acknowledged. Stop underestimating your inherent worth. You are perfectly placed, guided, and ready.    

2. Let go of what no longer serves you. 

What have you been holding onto that isn’t good for your soul? Maybe it’s a relationship, a belief, a goal, a thought, a place. Life is too short to go down paths that refuse to love you. Choose what will always welcome, support, and encourage you.

3. Love yourself with intention. 

Most of the pain you’re feeling can be solved with self-love. There’s nothing more powerful than the way you choose to love yourself— through your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and the intentional life you build for yourself. The more self-love you have, the more your life blooms.

4. Forgive past hurts. 

What you’ve been dwelling on for so long is the reason you feel stuck. It’s time to let go. Wake up every morning and write “I choose forgiveness” in a journal. Moment by moment, day by day, you’ll slowly feel yourself becoming lighter and more free.

5. Allow yourself to have fun.

Life is full of enough stress and chaos as it is. You deserve even more than love and joy— you deserve to have fun like a kid again. Put all responsibility out of your mind and immerse yourself in something that thrills you. Your inner child will always heal you. 

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