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"We had suffered the loss of our second son."

The biggest thing for me was my relationship with my husband. We had suffered the loss of our second son, and that bereavement had had a massive impact on us as individuals and as a couple. Almost 4 or 5 months into coaching, our relationship was blossoming in this new way. And it was all down to the communication skills I was learning, and how to create a beautiful and sustainable relationship with your partner. I was somebody that never ever had mindfulness in their life, and now meditation, breathing work, and gratitude journaling are daily habits for me, my children, and my partner as well. I really don’t understand how I was coping without it all these years.


"Genius is teaching you the things you wish you had learned in school."

There’s always something to learn, you can always go further in life, and there’s a ton of people around the planet who want to help you and support you. You don’t have to be afraid to open up. Genius is like a second family, and I truly believe that Genius is teaching you the things you wish you had learned in school. I learned how to interact with and understand people better, how to work on my career, how to deal with difficult situations – just to name a few. With Genius, I found the community and life mentor I’ll never want to trade.

Julia Wolf

"Genius has helped me tremendously with my relationship with my daughter."

Genius has taught me the power of transformation, the power of gratitude, and the power of manifestation. I was looking for answers outside of myself. In Genius, I learned that I needed to start searching within myself. I was focusing on what I wanted to be. Genius taught me I need to focus on who I want to be. Genius has helped me tremendously with my relationship with my daughter–– that’s the key for me. That’s the one thing I’m so grateful for. We’ve created a strong bond and I’m so grateful.

Omar Prieto

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