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When your employees thrive, your business thrives.

Well-being is the goal.

Genius for business is the formula.

There’s more inside than you know

Genius bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Together, we’re inspiring transformational well-being on a global scale.

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Enjoy exclusive video workshops and meditations with Jay Shetty, recorded live each week.



Genius believes in the power of habit. Small commitments can lead to life-altering changes. Together, we keep each other accountable.



With more than 10,000 Genius members in over 150 countries, making new friends and connecting is easy. Who will you meet?

Employee well-being is a key component of company success. When employees do poorly, the company does poorly. When employees thrive, the company thrives.


Today 85% of employees are not engaged in their work.

$7 Trillion

Disengagement attributes to $7 trillion in lost productivity globally.

What does prioritized well-being look like within a company?


increase in productivity


increase in sales


higher profitability


lower absenteeism


lower turnover

* data pulled from Gallup.

Genius members get tangible results
Research studies on Genius members tell us:

1 year of Genius:

Career progress


Improves career progress by 60%

Stress and anxiety


Reduces stress and anxiety by 75%

Ability to achieve goals


Increases goal achievement by 75%



Improves personal relationships by 75%

* results may vary.

So, how does Genius transform your workplace?

Genius Journeys

Journeys take your employees on curated workshop experiences perfectly designed to obtain specific goals.

Daily Well-Being Check

Employees can track their progress with a daily mood check-in and view tangible analytics detailing their journey.

The Workshop Collection

There are over 150 workshops for both professional and personal life. New workshops are published weekly.

Guided Meditations

Jay Shetty lived as a monk for 3 years across India and Europe, meditating for 4 – 6 hours every day. His guided meditations promote inner peace, well-being, and mindfulness.

Your Genius Community Partner

Your team will be paired with a Genius Community Partner. This partnership determines goals and insights, handles long-term commitments, and establishes monthly connects.

The 5 Areas of Well-Being

Genius workshops are guided by the 5 Areas of Well-Being: Personal, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, and Work and Finance. The goal is to find balance among all 5.

Happy and loyal employees are created with the 5 areas of professional evolution.


Employees who feel a sense of purpose create intentional, deliberate, and consistent work. Productivity is the outcome of happy employees, not the focus.


An enriching space filled with positivity supports growth, learning, and innovation on both professional and personal levels.


Open communication, shared passions, and a bone-deep belief in the company mission creates a sense of stability, trust, and connection.


The belief that employees who are curious and passionate produce the most quality work, display company loyalty, and boost overall morale.


Dedication to self-improvement and growth allows employees to continuously hone their passions and skills in both professional and personal spheres.

*results may vary.

With Genius, your company will become

  • Highly engaged and passionate

  • Purpose-driven and productive

  • Profitable and lucrative

  • Relaxed, confident, fulfilled

  • Trusting, transparent, communicative

  • Inclusive and accepting

The Genius App

Take the power of well-being with you wherever you go. Access everything you love about Genius on your phone with the Genius app.

  • Track progress with tangible results
  • Self-manage with the Daily Well-Being Check
  • Go on personalized Genius Journeys
  • Find meditations for any moment
  • Access the full Workshop Collection
  • Download to watch or listen offline

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